Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

As technology has allowed cameras to become smaller, easier and more user-friendly, it has become even easier to take a good photo. No longer do we have to stand still for hours to get a single image from an early large format camera. However, when it comes to the day of your wedding, a snap from a smartphone, or even an image captured with an expensive lens and an untrained eye, cannot compare with the thoughtfully curated images captured by a professional wedding photographer.

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional wedding photographers are not just trained in the art of lighting, composition, and structure; they also easily slip into the role of directors and event managers, without stealing the show. So much work is put into the planning and execution of a wedding ceremony. Professional wedding photographers are expert at capturing the details that fly by quickly, but that we know you will not want to forget. Mother nature gives us a big leg up with natural light photography.

However, it takes years of practice to hone the skill to fully embrace and utilize the natural light to create the highest quality of images.

Weddings are also events in which many generations; families and friends who may have never met each other come together to celebrate. While this is a joyous event, there can also be some interpersonal waters that need to be navigated. A professional photographer is able to decipher when to capture a moment or when to discreetly move into another area.

This high degree of professionalism also really shines for those in your wedding party that may not always enjoy their image being taken. A professional photographer assists all of their clients in feeling comfortable in front of the lens while also guaranteeing the highest quality of images.

Clear Expectations

The impact of hiring a professional photographer extends past your wedding day into the editing process. As individuals who create images for a living, providing clients with the highest quality of images in the most reasonable amount of time is a priority for the professional wedding photographer. Wedding photographers aren’t squeezing the edits of your photos into the wee hours in between their day jobs; their priority is making sure that each of their wedding clients feels that they are a priority. Professional wedding photographers also know how to digitally enhance an image without losing it’s natural quality and don’t have to rely on a social media preset to create beautiful images.

Keep a Friend, Hire a Photographer

It can be very tempting to hire a friend who dabbles with a camera to document your wedding day. However, going with an established photography company takes the stress out of navigating boundaries during the ceremony with a friend. Professional photographers are adept at knowing when to receive directions and knowing when to give directions, a dance that may be more difficult to navigate with a close friend. Wedding planning can be a series of seemingly overwhelming decisions but hiring a professional wedding photographer, will ensure you beautiful, high-quality photos to share for years to come.

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