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DIY Small Space Storage: Maximize Your Small Space On A Budget

Our personal spaces – big or small – are very dear to us, that’s why we only want what’s best for it. If your storage budget is the same as your space: small, we can always do something about it. You don’t have to go spend too much for your storage needs because the budget ones will do you good – or even better in fact. Check out which DIY small space storage solutions are going to suit your space.

It’s always best to make the most out of everything, and these DIY small space storage solutions are just the perfect examples of making the most out of everything. Don’t worry about the budget, as we can always work around that. What’s important here is that we are able to maximize a small part of the house. Let’s make the most out of it, as well as making the most out of your small space. A good solution for you would be DIY projects that are worthy to be added to your home.

1. DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas – The Sneaky Knife Drawer

Keep those sharp objects away from easy reach especially with children around. You can do this by maximizing your cabinet and adding compartments as storage to it. Get the full tutorial here.

2. DIY Bathroom Towel Storage

Easy to install, this type of storage will definitely save space in your bathroom and store your towels nicely. Tutorial here.

3. Bathroom Overhead Shelf

Make use of the space above your door and turn them into overhead shelves. This particular project helped store bathroom items. You can make one for your room and store whatever you want. Click here for the full process.

4. Uncluttered Kitchen Counter

Store your kitchen jars and containers neatly by the counter with this DIY space saver. This one’s a perfect storage for you who want to keep things arranged, at bay, and within reach. Get more details here.

5. DIY Foldable Drying Rack

This is for you who would not want too much space to be taken away. Dry your clothes and use this rack, and keep it when you don’t need it. Details here.

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